Lyndsey Knight
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This is what I believe:

I believe that business is more than just the bottom line.
–Brands connect with us in such a unique and powerful way; they have the power to inspire happiness, unite communities and change behaviors. 
All businesses have the opportunity to be mindful, honest and to respect to our earth.
Great design is integral to business success. 



And when I'm not designing, I paint...

MY studio wall

a world of colour

Welcome to my studio

You'll usually find me in my little studio in Preston, in a big artists warehouse called Mister Morris.
My walls are crammed with my paintings. I use watercolour, inks and gouache. 
My favourite colours are indigo blue and cadmium yellow, you'll see them a lot in my artwork. 

I have an exhibition opening here at Mister Morris on the 12th April
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Custom pet portraits

Capture the spirit of your pet in a soulful original watercolour painting. 
See more here
Book for your pet by emailing me.