Custom pet portraits

Capture the spirit of your pet in a soulful original watercolour painting. 

a4 size β€” $250
a3 size β€” $310

Approx 14 day turnaround. Painted from 5-10 photos. Book a portrait by emailing me.

OMG ITS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! You have made my day (and maybe my year πŸ˜„)!!! Beyond excited for this piece!!
— Ashlee, Perth
Oh my God! That is stunning! They are going to cry with joy when they see this. The colours are beautiful. Very happy.
— Ben, Melbourne
pet portait watercolour dog painting commission

your best friend

No daggy caricatures here! My watercolour pet portraits capture the personality of your faithful fluffy friend. I use strong colours; adding exaggerated colours and highlights to add energy and spirit to your dogs natural colouring. The result is a realistic, modern painting that will show the true joy of your pet. 

It’s incredible! Thank you so much. It’s just brilliant, you have such a wonderful talent.
— Kate, Victoria