Three fish

Three fish


I loved the colours flashing from the scales of these fish— almost fluorescent. It looks beautiful in a timber frame. I’ve made a series of 12 prints — once they’ve sold out, there will be no more!

11 x 14 inches — Archival Giclée art print — unframed

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A beautiful print signed L.Knight. 
There will only by 12 prints ever made of this piece!
Yours will be signed at the bottom with the print number (eg. 3/12)

Unique art by an emerging artist
 You're supporting a happy, tiny business and helping me buy more paint (literally, forget clothes, paints are my shopping obsession).

Paper size: 11 x 14 inches.

Insanely good quality.
I use Archival pigment printing (also referred to as Giclée Printing) to produce fine art prints at the highest, exhibition standards on beautifully thick watercolour paper. This is the best quality you can get, a quality I'm really proud of.

All prints are shipped, unframed, in a clear archival sleeve in a hard cardboard mailer envelope.

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